MCL Agri Store in Longford are an Agri Store that stock a complete range of products for farm use including calving jacks, fencing posts, gates in various dimensions, gate hangers, electric fences (Chetah and Forcefield brands). We supply Philmac pluming fittings, barrows and garden tools and small farm implements, garden peat and composts.

MCL Agri Store Longford supply garden fertilizers and a full range of germinal lawn and grass seeds. We supply power garden fertilisers we supply a full range of Hygeia products for weed, moss and fungal control namely Mosgo and Hytrol.

We also have Roundup, Eagle, Agroxone 50, Wes-chem products, Fungi Buster, Mossbuster, Concrete buster and machinery cleaners. We carry a full range of rodent control products including Storm and have a complete range of working boots, outdoor clothing and wet gear.


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We are now stockists of Nitrofert fertiliser and BioAg Digest It


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Pet Accessories

Dog Feeder     Dog waterer   

Pet Heat Mats       Pan waterers

Dispenser Bin     Heat Mat Covers


Grass Seed

Irish farming is undergoing constant change and the challenge for farmers to maintain and improve profitability has never been greater. Regular reseeding and proper grass variety selection are critically important for success.  MCL agri stocks a number of leading grass and clover mixture brands.

 Barenbrug  Grassmaker


Silage Sward 


Young Livestock

We provide a variety of milk relacers including:

Golden Maverick                                    Lamlac

Maverick         Lamlac

Farming Equipment

We supply a range of equipment that aid the modern farmers need: Such items include half ton feed bins, wheelbarrows, round bale feeders, drinkers, etc...

MCL Half Tonne bin 2     MCL Round Bale feeders   MCL wheelbarrows 
         Half Ton Bin                                   Round Bale Feeders            Wheelbarrows

Farming Accessories

There are a broad range of tools, farm clothing and farming implements and hoists instore aswell. Such items include wetgear, wellingtons, safety boots, ratchets, straps, tool sets, etc..... All items are competitively priced and of excellent quality.

MCL Welligtons    kNAPSACK    Spanner set

          Wellingtons                                       Knapsack Sprayers               Wrench Sets                  

Summer Time Fencing Time!

We supply a full range of fencing posts and accessories (including electric fencers, fencing tape, barbed wire, gates ..etc) to serve all your fencing needs.

Fencing Posts     Tanalised Posts     Solar Fencer   

6 & 7 ft Standard Posts        6 & 7 ft Tanalised Posts           Fence Controllers (Normal/Solar)

Weed Control and Agro Chemicals

There is a wide range of weed killers at competitive prices in store. These are both suitable for around the house and the farmyard. Some of our range include:

Hytrol                   Roundup                      Gallup 360

 Hytrol Total Weed Killer               Roundup Weed Killer              Gallup 360 Weed Killer

There are also a vast range of agro chemicals in store that cater for all your crop protection needs for grassland and arable crops. Some of these chemicals include:

Agroxone                   Hurler                  

     Agroxone 50                                Hurler                                          

Baling Accessories

There are a wide variety of products that cater for all your baling requirements during the Summer period. We supply silage wrap, netting and twine all at extremely keen prices.

Silage Wrap        Silage Netting     Silage Twine      Silage Repair

    Rhino Silage Wrap                3600m Bale Netting                  Baler Twine                    Bale Repair Tape 


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