Suckler Management Tips

  • Preparing weanlings for sale: With the poor weather conditions at the moment, grass supply and quality is extremely poor. This will mean poor thrive in young weanlings. Feeding 2kg per head per day of Weanling Xtra will ensure good weight gains. Feeding Weanling Xtra to young weanlings gives the best return on investment. By feeding 2 kg of Weanling Xtra (costing €0.69), you can achieve an extra 0.8kg daily weight gain (value €2.40). This represents a return of 3.5 to one. In other words, spending €200.00 on Weanling Xtra, can put €700 back in your pocket.

  • Coughing Calves: A coughing calf isn’t a thriving calf. This is the time of year when we see a lot of coughing calves. The most likely cause is lungworm infestation. Make sure to treat with a wormer that will give cover for a number of weeks. Consult with us in our store and we will recommend the most suitable wormer for your stock. With this weather, pneumonia is very prevalent. Because there are multiple possible causes, it is important to determine the exact cause of infection. Get your vet to take nasal swabs, before deciding on a course of treatment.

  • Grass shortage or poor grazing conditions: If short of grass or have very difficult grazing conditions, consider housing some cattle. If fattening bulls, these should be housed as they will do most damage, and will actually lose weight, if not housed. Put on a proper finishing diet. If producing spring born weanlings, consider housing cows and calves, and let calves have access to outdoors, through creep gates. Make sure cows have access to Xtralix Hi Mag or Xtralix Super Mag buckets, in order to help prevent grass tetany. If you have an autumn calving herd, house these and give them Xtralix Pre Calver buckets, along with silage. This will reduce incidence of milk fever and retained cleansings around calving time.
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